Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 5 Ghosts and Goblins

Here is my Ghosts and Goblins manicure.  I think it came out really cute!

And you might be asking "What is the deal with the glitter pinky finger?"

Well...sadly, I couldn't figure out a good way to portray a Goblin on my finger nail without using decals.  So...I used a play on words.  I have China Glaze's Glitter Goblin.  :D  I have titled this manicure: Ghosts and Glitter Goblin.  :D

And yes, it glows in the dark...but I haven't been able to capture that.  Sigh.  I am going to try another glow in the dark mani in the future and I will try to get the photos then.  My ghostie mani started to come off, so I decided I would do a take two later in the month.

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