Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 10 Other Halloween Theme

OK...I had a hard time deciding...but liking a more elegant nail most of the time, I decided to go with something striking but yet still tasteful.

SO I decided to a combo crackle...

I am hoping you can see where I am trying to go with this one.  I wanted my two hands to match this time.  :D  I started with OPI A Roll In The Hague for a nice orange base, then I overlayed that with ChG Glitter Goblin, then a layer of OPI Black Shatter.

I also did this one at the same time.  I started with ChG Cast A Spell, then overlayed it with Pretty & Polished Pumped Up Pumpkin.  I had done a variation of it with SC Black on Black, but it shrank so bad, that I had to try it over again a few days later. (That and it popped off--dontcha just HATE when that happens?)  I solved that problem by smoothing my nails out and making sure that I waiting longer between coats.  Yup, I can be an impatient polisher when I get excited about an idea.

I honestly wasn't sure which one I was going to do the black shatter over.  In the end, I decided that this one had more than enough black in it to make it very striking.

I hope you have enjoyed this challenge as much as I have.  Please feel free to do your own interpretations of my manis here...believe me, there are PLENTY of ways where mine might be improved or changed to suit you.

Thank you so much for following this challenge and keep an eye out for the next one coming up: 8 Spooky Nights, posted on my blog already.  :D

Get creative Y'all!

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