Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 1 Water Marble

This one was surprisingly easy.  It's called Water Marble or Water Color nails.  It uses room-temperature water in a plastic cup and drops of polish in the water in a "spreading ring" effect like water rings on the top of still water.  You can use a toothpick to change the lines in the rings of nail polish. You block off the area around your nails, paint your nails your choice of basecoat (I used white) and then dip your fingers (surface down) in the freshly dripped paint on the top of the water.  Then clear away the excess nail polish from the top of the water before removing your finger(s) from the water.

If you want to see a play-by-play tutorial, there are TONS of them on I highly recommend looking at the different ones on there for your experience level.

It turned out really neat.  I can see doing something like this for the winter time to make it look like swirling snow or summer to represent rain drops.

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  1. I really am enjoying your color scheme on this.

    1. Thank you! The design didn't come out as flashy as some I've seen, but the color scheme was very elegant. I will DEFINITELY try this method again!